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Spinal Cord Injury - Fighting Impairment 

Welcome to the homepage of SCI-FI 5K Fun Run, Walk, & Wheel Race. The 2013 5K has come and gone. Although we didn't achieve our goal of $15,000, we had an unexpected surprise with over 30 participants registering the day of the race. With the explosion of race day participants, we were able to surpass $9000 in clear proceeds.

This year's count was 87 participants ranging in ages from 9 to 61. The winner this year posted a time of 21.05 and his wife, who was third overall and first in the women's division, posted a time of 22.25. Although, these times were awesome, the course record still stands at 18 minutes but whose counting, haha.

The turnout wasn't as expected but the race was fun and in our eyes a success once again. With the sales of shirts and race day registrations, we raised over $900 alone the day of the race. The fundraiser in the race have officially been over for three days but donations still keep coming. The last check of crowd rise showed a total of $3210 in donations. And, once again our sponsors stepped up this year with a total of $2150 donated to SSPF. The overall total raise this year is hovering around $9,000, which is amazing considering we have 30 less participants in the race. Plus, this will put us over $20,000 raise in two years for spinal cord injury research.

Our Mission:

To raise money and awareness for SCI and disabled people in Adams County and as far as the Sci-Fi Group fingers can reach to touch those in need.

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In closing, I would like to thank the Sam Schmidt paralysis foundation, my sister, my family members, and volunteers who help me each year in achieving such great success. Without these people, the organization and success of these events would not be possible.

I would also like to thank everybody who donated on crowdrise, participated in the race, and/or sponsored any of the events that we have had this year. Without these generous people, our organization and my dreams of one day finding a cure for paralysis what seemed unattainable. Thanks to everyone for walking with me in my journey to better the lives of spinal cord injury people. 

We will stay in touch through the website and Facebook keeping our followers informed of any upcoming events. As of now, The Sci-Fi 2014 fun run is still up in the air due to lack of interest this year. Thanks again for all your support, have a great rest of the year and wonderful holidays!



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